The upcoming movie named LIE from the producer Nithiin is thought to be a movie of high quality and high standards, also because of the fact, that many of the movie’s scenes are planned on different world’s destinations. At this point, the movie team has come up with new headlines as an internet megastar was included in the movie.

The internet megastar and the Instagram King, Dan Bilzerian has been included in Nithiin’s starter named LIE. The famous actor posted a photo of him and Bilzerian with the following title: “Thanks Dan Bilzerian for being such a sport and for being part of our film… You are a total natural!”

Now the public can’t wait to see which role Bilzerian has in this movie. The shooting in India is almost done and the team will be moving to the USA for the following two months. His followers on Instagram and on the social media can’t wait to find out what the next project of the internet megastar will be.

Besides being famous for his professional poker abilities, Dan Bilzerian also likes to brag about his lavish lifestyle. The Nithiin’s LIE is only one of the many things he’s famous for, besides car racings, fabulous parties and expensive car races.

So that is why maybe Dan Bilzerian is the ideal candidate for the movie industry. His popularity will also certainly affect the popularity of the movie. And the public, especially his followers, would love to see Dan Bilzerian on the big screen – that’s why the everyone’s expecting the movie. And as it seems the Instagram King is also happy about his new project. He shares photos on Instagram and Snapchat of his new life as a movie star.
The female lead role is played by Megha Akash and the movie’s director is Hanu Raghavapudi.


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