You can’t deny that Apple introduced the best iPhone ever with the iPhone X. The device is in pretty much everything better than any predecessor. The iPhone X is still coated in an alimunium design and still preforms great, has beautiful software and cameras with the latest technology.
The question however if you find all this worth 715 dollars. Although I find the price a little high and you can easily get more for less money, I must say that I find the iPhone X worth the money. When you’re searching for a high end smartphone, you do pay for the total package. You do want an incredible experience for daily use from the day you unbox it.

This is something Apple does better than anyone else. Apple is famous for its high end products. They radiate the future, and the iPhone X is no exception in this. iPhone underwent a lot of changes and it will take a long time for most users to discover all of them. It’s not the most interesting and innovative iPhone brought by Apple so far. Not by a long shot. But this doesn’t take away the fact that Apple pulls it off to always innovate every time. Innovation means moving forward after all, which is something that’s still clearly happening with the iPhone X.
It might not be in a forward direction that everyone would agree with, but Apple is never on a standstill.

According to rumours about the iPhone 10 plus that Apple plans on introducing soon, it does look like the iPhone x is somewhat of a bridge towards something especially revolutionary.
Because sometimes even an innovative giant like Apple needs to tone down the pace and wait a moment before taking another giant leap. But still the iPhone X is a good smartphone that surpasses the ones before.
If you’re looking for great performance in a small package, the iPhone is for you!

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