Though the position of CEO looks more relaxing, in reality, it is much more complex than the position of the employee. The CEO of the company has to do more hard and demanding works. The CEO has to put the right person in the right job, answer for every action, evaluate the progress of the company and make the critical decisions. Their daily routine is very stressful and challenging as the whole company depends on it.

There are so many mistakes a CEO can commit. The most common one is the way of taking responsibility or thinking that the employees will also support that and take responsibility for their actions even when the CEO himself doesn’t support them.

The role of CEO comes with taking responsibility which is inseparable and a must even though it seems scary even for the CEO – the ultimate success of the company in the hand of the CEO.

Every company faces ups and downs. The outcomes can be good and according to the strategy or there can be problems. No matter what, CEO must stand strong and guide the employees as it is his responsibility. Some CEOs tend to be very supportive and good towards the employees when the company’s results are stable but they simply hide behind the employees and want them to take responsibility for their actions.

A CEO can’t except that the employees will give him the trust and support first. CEO has to come first and give his support to the employees in order to gain theirs. Every single action of employees reflects how the CEO is leading them. So, it is necessary to show the support even when the company is falling down, not only in good times.

There is no difference between a CEO and a leader. Both of them require the same qualities which include supporting and encouraging the colleagues, taking responsibility for their actions, offering them help when needed, having a strong and responsible person. Those qualities are must for a CEO in order to develop the company.

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